MindLeaders, a world leader in the information systems training market, has an extensive library of e-Learning. We understand the problems of obtaining access to high-quality training at low cost. If you are like the thousands of customers we serve every day, you want access to quality training at any time, anywhere at reasonable cost. You would also like to take the courses at home or the office when it is convenient for you. Many of you also want to prepare for either the Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer or Microsoft Office User Specialist certifications which typically lead to better paying positions. MindLeaders provides you with annual access to a large number of courses through our low priced subscription plans. In fact, our pricing is so low many customers wonder if our courses are high in quality. We have also been providing self- paced training to Fortune 2000 companies for 20 years, further attesting to our quality courses. Our courses are always conveniently available to you. All of our courses are available to you in real-time through the Internet. There is no downloading of the courses to your hard drive and no CDs to install. You simply click and go. Our courses were also designed specifically for real- time presentation through the Internet using a 28.8 Kilobits/second modem or faster. Testing of your skills is built into our courses. We provide you with the option of taking a pre-test to help determine what areas of a topic you have not yet mastered before you take a course. This eliminates the need for you to take an entire course if it is unnecessary. A post-test can be taken to determine your mastery of the topic once you have finished a course. If you pass the post-test for a topic, you have mastered it. Try one of our demo courses today and see for yourself. Then, join the thousands of others we have helped by signing up for a course Subscription with our partner. Sincerely, Carol Clark President and CEO - MindLeaders.com, Inc.
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